Water heaters

Water Heaters
To enhance the comfort of vehicle usage and extend the engine's lifecycle, the installation of a water heating system is recommended. This popular heating system allows for temperature regulation inside the vehicle without the need to start the engine. The advantage of using a water heating system compared to competing air-based systems is not only the ability to increase the cabin temperature but also to warm up the engine.

AUTOTERM Parking Heaters - WARRANTY:
To provide end users of our products with exceptional service, starting from September 15, 2020, Autoterm offers a global 3-year warranty on all heater installations registered by certified Autoterm service centers.

Additionally, for all heaters registered in our online system by a certified Autoterm service in the year 2020, we provide an additional +1 year of warranty.
Contact a certified Autoterm service center for product installation and receive a 3-year warranty.
The general warranty conditions are also available on the manufacturer's website: https://autoterm.com/warranty

The operation of a water-based parking heater is made possible by an independent fuel pump and coolant presence. The fuel drawn from the tank undergoes combustion, thus heating up the coolant. The fluid circulates within the installed circuit, heating up the engine and the vehicle's interior. Warm air is distributed into the cabin through air vents, which are part of the vehicle's ventilation system.

The presented system is commonly used due to its heating capabilities. However, it is worth noting that water heating also has additional functions that can be useful even during the hottest periods. For instance, this system allows for quick ventilation of the vehicle, thereby reducing excessively high temperatures."

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