Air heater

With a parking heater, you'll ensure your car's interior is at the right temperature even during the harsh winter. No more scratching the windows or waiting for the warm air supply to work. By using a parking heater, you will make sure that the interior of your car always has the right temperature.
Our Autoterm store offers installation kits, parking heaters, water heaters and all necessary accessories.

We are the official distributor of the AUTOTERM brand.
The parking heater kits and other models offered in our store will perform well even in very difficult weather conditions. They can be used to heat the interior of cars, vans and trucks, boats, yachts, as well as various types of trailers and semi-trailers.

Wanting to ensure the full comfort of the vehicle and guarantee a high level of protection of the engine against the negative effects of low temperatures, we should opt for AUTOTERM parking heaters.
The price of parking heating systems available in our store has been adjusted to market realities, making its installation cost-effective in vehicles of different classes. Parking heating is a comfort that is hard to deny, especially if you do not have the opportunity to provide your car with adequate protection from low temperatures.

To provide end users of our products with exceptional service from September 15, 2020, Autoterm is offering a global 3-year warranty on all heater installations registered by certified Autoterm service centers.

We are also providing an additional +1 year warranty on all heaters registered by an Autoterm certified service center this 2020 in our online system
Turn to a certified Autoterm service center for product installation and receive a 3-year warranty.
General warranty terms and conditions can also be found on the manufacturer's website:

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