Mobile heating

PUNDMANN mobile heating in 3 variants.
For all those who like to spend time outdoors pursuing their passions in comfort.
Allows you to get warm while traveling in any conditions and in any place.
The heating finds its application in travel, such as tents, rooftop tents, small rooms, camping, etc.
It will be perfect for both short outings and longer trips.
With compact dimensions of 533 x 253 x 300 and a capacity of 5 liters or 10 liters (depending on the model), the heater can be easily stored in the trunk or elsewhere while traveling.
In addition, the box weighs only 11 kg (version with tank only), 20 kg (version with AGM battery, 17 kg (with LifePO4 lithium battery), making it easy to carry.
Folding handles located on the sides allow it to be carried more easily.

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