Electric 3-way valve 12V

The electric 3-way valve has 2 positions corresponding to the electric on/off supply. The valve has 3 spigots. OFF state - the solenoid is not energised and the rubber plunger closes the third spigot. In this state, the spring exerts a closing force. The flow direction from 1 to 2 is open. ON state - the solenoid is energised and the plunger closes the 2nd spigot. The closing force is equal to the force exerted by the solenoid minus the force exerted by the spigot. Flow direction 1 to 3 normally closed. Voltage: 12V. Electrical power: 18 W Max. temperature: 120°C Max. pressure: 2 bar Package contents:&nbsp. 1 x Electric 3-way valve 1 x Socket housing 2 x Rubber seals 2 x Crimp sockets Inlet/outlet diameter: Ø 20 mm.
Product number: FR061

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