Air heaters

The Autoterm Air 2D, 4D, 8D and 9D parking heaters provide pleasant warmth in the vehicle or boat.
The Autoterm Air 2D is the smallest parking heater among the Autoterm air heaters, and due to its compact size and economical consumption, it is particularly popular in the camper sector (e.g. Volkswagen T5, T6).

The Autoterm Air 4D is a parking heater whose performance should not be underestimated. In a vehicle that is too small, the Autoterm Air 4D quickly becomes too warm, so that the parking heater rarely runs at full load and soots up after a while. It is therefore suitable for larger campers and boats.

The Autoterm Air 8D and 9D are suitable for houseboats, buses, etc.

The parking heaters were called Planar 2D, 44D, 8DM, 9D until the manufacturer renamed them.

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